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Liberals’ thin edge of delegitimization has brought with it the thick wedge of lawlessness. In contrast to leftist apologists’ claims, this is not an unintended consequence but a direct result of the left’s strategy to deny authority to the existing status quo. It knows exactly what it is doing, only America remains in the dark. Lacking control of legitimate authority, and thereby the means to remake society, the left must seize authority. To do so, it

Now for a few thoughts on the coming second civil war and why the first Fort Sumter shots may have already been fired. Stupid us back in the late 1980s and in 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved and we thought Marxism had finally been defeated. Marxist promises of an earthly paradise for workers had been thoroughly exposed as lies. Marxism gave the world the most bloody, brutal, murderous, and impoverished regimes the world had ever