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Dark Waters is the perfect name for the latest anti-corporate film released by the Hollywood Left. Designed by intertwined, agenda-driven interest groups to brainwash an unsuspecting public, truth that should be revealed in this propaganda reel is cloaked in darkness. In theaters now, Dark Waters purports to tell the story of how a family of chemicals produced by a successful American company has ruined the environment and caused human disease. Except neither premise is true. Reality is the

First, a word about how law and our legal system is supposed to work. We begin with two Latin words: stare decisis. The idea is that people need to know the rules. For example, before every baseball game begins, the umpires meet with the two team managers and review the “ground rules.” If in Chicago’s Wrigley Field, what will we do if a ball is hit into the outfield and ends up hidden behind the ivy? If