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What does education look like in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic? At the K-12 level, you’ve got problems. At the collegiate level, you’ve got existential problems. School is out for the year in most locales. More innovative districts are retooling like crazy and trying to do online classes. Parents are looking for cheap or free resources to do the job and keep their kids occupied during our enforced isolation. Now that we’re out the money and have

Last week, I returned from Spain, the coronavirus epicenter. I wasn’t back for more than 48 hours before I detected an ideological fault line running through America’s cultural response to coronavirus. It looks something like this: Liberals: “We are doomed!” Conservatives: “We will win!” Have you noticed it? It’s hard to miss. Those who have responded to the pandemic with fear, hysteria, and despair generally fall on the left side of the sociopolitical spectrum, while those who have