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A story is told about a defiant non-believer who stood outside a shtibl (a small synagogue) one Sabbath afternoon, yelling hostile imprecations, while the congregation inside were eating the traditional Sabbath “Third Meal” (a tradition that treats the Day of Rest with special love and significance). Members of the congregation raced to the Rabbi and told him what was transpiring outside. “What should we do?” they asked the wise Rabbi.The Rabbi responded with a gleam in his

Some good-government advocates are calling on the lame-duck  Congress to do the bare minimum until January, while others say the GOP should press its advantage before the 116th Congress comes calling.Why the call for sloth? This lame-duck Congress has 70 members who will leave office in two months, providing little to no accountability for those about to be booted from Capitol Hill.It’s not mere speculation: Mercatus Center analyzed roll-call votes from 1939 through 2014 for