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When nerve surgeon Dr Susan Mackinnon needed help to finish an operation, she reached, as she often does, for a mid-20th Century book of anatomy.Thanks to the complex hand-drawn illustrations - showing the human body peeled back layer by layer - Dr Mackinnon, from Washington University in St Louis, was able to complete the procedure.The book she had used, the innocuous-sounding Pernkopf Topographic Anatomy of Man, is widely considered to be the best example of

The son of the UK's first "successful" heart transplant patient 40 years ago has spoken about how his father "became a celebrity overnight".Keith Castle, then aged 52, lived for more than five years after surgery at Papworth Hospital, Cambridgeshire in August 1979.His son, Keith Jnr, is meeting the surgeon Sir Terence English, 86, to mark the anniversary.It signalled a new era for transplants and his father became a regular on TV.Keith Jnr, who was 29