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In just the past few years, billions of dollars have been put toward ending cancer. We know the importance and urgency of achieving this goal. We accept it and support it. What we are less aware of and engaged in is the equally vital need to find an effective treatment for another devastating disease: Alzheimer's. Each year, it kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Multiple trials have failed to find drugs

Last week, I explored how the way we perform everyday movements and positioning of our head — without knowing it — can bring on chronic neck pain. Most neck pain is something we do not have to endure; it is within our power to address and correct it. This week, I believe it is time we give our hands a "hand." They are the body's unsung leading actors. Not only do they perform countless tasks every

Throughout our lives, we are saddled with carrying around this weighty orb — about 10 to 12 pounds' worth — in a constant balancing act while we swing it this way and that. We can't carry it low, clutching it to our chest. No, it has to be constantly at the tiptop of our body, with only our neck to support it. Is it any wonder our head can be such a pain? Our neck must

At this point in the summer, sunburn might be among the least of our concerns. A dangerous heat wave has blanketed roughly two-thirds of the nation, and as I write this, final reports of the toll of these oppressively high temperatures have yet to come in. What is known is that many cities across the Midwest and Northeast will likely surpass local heat records and that the "heat dome" has spread from the middle part