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Sleep should be a welcome break from the daily grind of life during the pandemic. For many, it has instead become a welcome mat for a world of bizarre, often frightening, pandemic-induced dreams. Recent research from a study conducted in Finland confirms what many of us already suspected: People everywhere are having pandemic-related dreams and nightmares. Published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, the study showed that nearly one-third of participants woke up more often at

As I discussed last week, the news of the day never seems good, and the pileup of such stories takes a toll on our psyche. It can lead to a daily cycle of negative thoughts and emotion-driven actions we might regret. It is why we need to find the space for uplifting stories where we can find them. An example I shared was news of how improvements in intensive care units are saving the lives

Not only does the daily news never seem good, but the bad news seems to be escalating out of control. It is constantly repeated and, as a result, worsened. I admit it is a pattern I am by no means immune to. Fighting negativism and the crisis mode we find ourselves in challenges us all. For me, being of a positive frame of mind has long been a tenet in my life, as well as

As reported last week, serious depression has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, during the past six months, the growth of U.S. adults with mental health issues rose to 53%. From the onset of this plague, many experts feared that the U.S. could soon be facing two public health crises — a viral pandemic and a mental health pandemic. There now exists a third front that must