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John Stossel is an American consumer television personality, author, and libertarian pundit, known for his career on both ABC News and Fox Business Channel.

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Bernie Sanders leads the race for the Democratic nomination.He may become America's first self-described "democratic socialist" president.What does that mean?Today, when Sanders talks about socialism, he says: "I'm not looking at Cuba. I'm looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden."But Denmark and Sweden are not socialist. Denmark's prime minister even came to America to refute Sanders' claims, pointing out that "Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy."Both Denmark and Sweden do give citizens government-run

President Donald Trump "saved the United States," says former Trump adviser Steve Bannon.He's one of the "smartest, most clever, and successful" presidents, says Fox's Jeanine Pirro.No, he's "dumb and racist," says comedian Seth Meyers, and guilty of "rampant corruption," say commentators on MSNBC.The man divides opinion like no one else in America.My latest video looks at the "good, bad, and ugly" of Trump. The good is wonderful.Unemployment is down, and the stock market is up.Trump

A law in South Carolina bans playing pinball if you're under 18. That's just one of America's many ridiculous laws restricting freedom."There is a role for the government in keeping people safe from actual criminals, people who commit murder, robbery," says Rafael Mangual, a "tough-on-crime" guy at the Manhattan Institute."But a lot of laws don't keep people safe," he says. "There's a federal prohibition on walking a dog on a leash longer than six feet

The Iowa Caucus, the real start of the 2020 presidential primaries, is next week. Who's favored to win? Sadly, as I write this, the smart money says it's the candidate who's promised Americans the most "free" stuff.Six months ago, my staff and I tallied the candidates' promises. All wanted to give away trillions—or more accurately, wanted government to tax you and spend your money on the candidates' schemes.At that point, Senator Kamala Harris led. Fortunately,