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John Stossel is an American consumer television personality, author, and libertarian pundit, known for his career on both ABC News and Fox Business Channel.

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Recently, I released a video that called California's fires "government fueled."A few days later, Facebook inserted a warning on my video: "Missing Context. Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead."Some of my viewers now feel betrayed. One wrote: "Shameful, John… what happened to you!!? Your reporting was always fair… (but) your… fires story was so… unfair, even Facebook tagged it."A "fact-check" from Facebook carries weight. Worse, Facebook says that because my video is labeled misleading, it

"Mother Earth is angry!" says Nancy Pelosi in my newest video.  "The debate is over around climate change!" says California Governor Gavin Newsom, smirking, strangely. They're eager to blame climate change for the wildfires in their state. I'm surprised they didn't say it causes COVID-19, too. Newsom, ridiculously, says wildfires are another reason to get more electric cars on the road. I wonder if he even knows that electricity for such cars comes from natural gas."This catastrophizing around

Politicians shut down businesses because of COVID-19.But the rules don't apply to everyone.In San Francisco, gyms were forced to close, but (SET ITAL)government(END ITAL) gyms stayed open.In my new video, we see a Dallas woman being jailed for keeping her salon open and a New Jersey man getting arrested after working out indoors.Ordinary people who break the rules get punished.But not House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.Politicians are special.Now, politicians have allowed more businesses to open. Dallas

"I'm more anti-China than you!" That's a new theme of this election.Joe Biden says, "We will never again be at the mercy of China!" Donald Trump replies, "China would own our country if Joe Biden got elected!"It's strange to hear competition, because just a few administrations ago, presidents were eager to celebrate China. "A future of greater trade and growth and human dignity is possible!" said George W. Bush. Bill Clinton praised China's "positive change" and "great progress." What changed?