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Herd immunity is when enough members of a population (a herd, so to speak), are immune from a disease, so that a person with the disease infects fewer than one other person.  Once there is herd immunity, outbreaks of the disease taper off rather than grow exponentially.There are three ways for a person to gain immunity from a particular disease.  They can be born not suspectable to the disease, they can receive an effective vaccination for

Here's what we're dealing with:"No U.S. city will be spared"Fauci: Up to 200,000 Americans could dieNYC: Dead bodies being loaded on refrigerated trucksNurses die, doctors fall sick as panic rises on front linesTrump extends social distancing through end of April Why would anyone mock a drug that shows promise?  Chloroquine and its less toxic derivative, hydroxychloroquine, are existing antimalarial drugs thought to be effective in treating coronavirus. Dr. Steve Kassapidis is a COVID-19 critical care physician in New